Privacy Policy

I do not directly collect any information about users but, like most websites, I use a third-party service to collect website analytics.

Specifically, I use Google Analytics to collect anonymous information about the website's visitors.
This information allows me see how, in general, visitors find the website, how long they spend on each page, and some other information.
I can use this to improve the website and find bits of it that may be broken or not working quite right for everyone.

For more information, here is the Google Analytics Privacy Policy


Google Analytics uses cookies to help it work properly.

In addition, to comply with EU law, I display a "Cookie Consent" bar at the bottom of ththe website informing users that the website uses cookies.
Ironically enough, this cookie consent bar stores a cookie to remember who has clicked the accept button, so the bar is not shown to people who have already accepted it.

This website does not use any other cookies.

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